2015 ROUND 0



You're a bit tired of awaiting for, but we glad to announce test round 0 this friday. We'll test tweak and new Westhill sections.


Friday, 26/06 18:00 Kiev\Moscow time.

Server would be launched an hour before event:

server: [NTO]UkrainianDRIFTGAMES
pass: UDGtweaked

Unrar tweak to your game folder. Tweak setting is already in.
Tweak link:
Launch process:
1. Launch LFS
2. Go on track
3. Launch NewTweakOrder
4. Press "Load settings", choose "UDG_T1" setup
5. Get back to the game. Enter-out the pits and your at power now and can go to the server.

Practice layout:

Rules are usual, but let me remind some:
-Use tweak setting of event host. Foreign settings is simple to track, and you would be disqualified.
-Sport tyres allowed only on front. Cars with sports at rear will not allowed to go.
-There speed trap on the start to reduce leaders gap at acceeration untill safe zone
-During the run don't go pits or spec without judges permission