UDG 2014' Round 2 Qual results and info

lfs 00000204v1

Hello everybody, thanks for coming on UDG 2014' Series Round 2. We expected to see more drivers today and, for sure, we surprised to see top drivers out of tandem runs. Anyway we have 23 qualified drivers and we gona make TOP 32 with free passes. 

Today we saw some fails with your skins, so you should fix it for tomorrow, or you will be penalized due to regulations.

Melih #8 - 90deg roated rear number
Felix #55 - No rear number
eDD - reflected branding
Yester - no number
Mentos - no name and flag

Thanks for visiting UDG, see you on tandem runs tomorrow. 

You can contact us on Facebook and Vkontakte. Have a nice drift =P